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Now that you have created optimized and engaging content, don’t let it just sit there! Promotion and distribution of your content is a vital step that many companies glaze over, thinking: “The content is done, so what else is there to do?” Be found is what! We think of content strategy like a blueprint for a new house, content creation is building the walls, and optimization is like turning on the electricity. But if you want to sell the house, you need to hire the real estate agent and put a “For Sale” sign on the lawn. If you don’t, how else will people know that your house is available to buy?

This is promotion and distribution, and we’re here to help you sell your web real estate and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Grand Master Marketing has years of experience putting the “marketing” in your content marketing and promoting and distributing content through a variety of channels and mediums. We know a variety of tools and strategies to use to make sure you content has the best chance it can out there in the world wide web.

Press Release Marketing

The value of a press release still goes a long way in making headlines and gaining attention, and Grand Master Marketing can create an attention-grabbing and traffic-producing press release for your business. We offer two options for press release distribution, tailored to gain the amount of exposure your business needs the most. Your newsworthy content will be distributed via multiple online channels, top newspapers, the Associate Press, and other media outlets.

Social Media

Social media is the icing on the proverbial cake, and without it, your content is going to be far less appetizing. Our social media promotion efforts include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, the four highest ranking sites to give your content the most visibility and attention.  Each platform is unique, and requires a different approach, so we’ll tailor our engagement strategies depending on your content, the platform, and desired end goals.

In addition to setting up and optimizing your social media sites, Grand Master Marketing also offers social media maintenance, engaging and growing the social media audience through curated content from the web, sharing client content, and simple audience interaction. Our focus is on increasing your your fan base and reputation through quality posts and regular engagement.

Paid Search & Earned Media

Paid and earned media are equally essential to your marketing efforts, raising visibility and gaining positive attention online.PPC Advertising helps to gain publicity through advertising efforts, such as through social media ads or through pay per click campaigns.

Earned media is unpaid and doesn’t fall into the category of owned media either; it instead is channeled organically through leveraged relationships, blog and media outlet mentions, user reviews, and audience shares.

Both Paid and Earned promotion efforts bring notice to your business, and Grand Master Marketing has our hands in both pots in order to ensure your content is placed, shared, and noticed–exactly as it should be.