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At its simplest, content marketing is the art of providing consistent, useful, and valuable information to your customers and prospects. Content marketing isn’t about salesy pitches that interrupt your audience like in traditional advertising. It’s about being an authoritative resource in your industry, addressing prospects wherever they are in the sales funnel. The ultimate goal is when those same prospects reward you with their business and loyalty.

That’s content marketing at the most basic level, but there is a lot more to it! And that’s where Grand Master Marketing comes in. We are a well-known content marketing agency with a strategic 8-step process that works to help you achieve your content marketing goals. We make sure the strategy we devise for you is relevant, competitive, and ultimately successful. We become your content marketing partner, working seamlessly with you and your team to create a culture of content marketing within your organization that can lead your business forward for years.

Content Strategy

No good marketing campaign is worthwhile without a comprehensive strategy. Your business is unique and what you want to get out of content marketing is specific to you, and you alone. Here at Grand Master Marketing, we say no to a cookie cutter mentality, and yes to unique, and well-thought out strategies and goals. We’ll help you build a foundation for long lasting success that:

  • Establishes your organization’s goals
  • Identifies your audience and their needs
  • Analyzes competitors and their online presence
  • Refines your editorial style and online voice
  • Creates a repeatable, scalable blueprint for content production

We don’t mystify the process with lots of moving parts and internet mumbo jumbo; we hand you an actionable, customized plan that gets you what you want. You’ll work with a dedicated account manager who knows the in’s and out’s of your campaign, your goals, and your people. They will streamline the whole process into manageable steps, allowing for clear communication and expectations.


Content Strategy Report

Did we mention that content marketing is highly strategic (when it’s done well) and can help you reach the goals you want to see for your website and your business overall?

Because it is.

And it can.

Grand Master Marketing will help you real your goals and proactively deliver value to the audience. We know the right combination of tools and strategies to make your content stand out. As part of our Content Strategy Report, we’ll take a look at where you want to be, how to get you there and what kinds of content services can best do the job. We’ll guide you through questions like these, so you know the road you’ll be traveling on with us right from the beginning:

  • What are you hoping to accomplish for your website? For your business?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What content efforts do you currently have in place and how are they performing?
  • What channels are you sharing your content on and how can that be improved?
  • What kind of exposure is your content getting on the web?
  • Who are your competitors and what are they doing differently?
  • What can make your website stronger and your business better?

Content Strategy Planning

Next up is planning. Like Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” We’re not about failing here at Grand Master Marketing, so we emphasize this step to make sure your content strategy wins.

So, what’s involved in planning? A lot, actually:

  • Thorough content research and audit of your existing assets
  • Customized planning tailored to your specific goals
  • Integration with your existing team members to help with the brainstorming and production process
  • Creation of an editorial calendar to keep us all on track and moving forward

We work hand-in-hand with you during this process, making sure you understand all that is involved. You’ll walk away not only with a solid content marketing plan to implement, but a thorough understanding of how it all works.

Content Strategy Production

After we devise a strategy and put together an action plan, it’s time to get moving! This is where put the content into content marketing. Our team of talented content writers, video designers, graphic artists, and editors work closely with you to create content that serves the purpose of fulfilling your goals. Infographics, blogs, white papers and free guides, and videos … it’s all part of our content marketing toolkit that we bring to the table.

Ready to learn about the next step in the process? Learn more about content creation.