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Learn About PPC Advertising

Every visit to the internet presents an opportunity for your business, and every click should represent a lead to follow. PPC Advertising (also called Cost Per Click marketing, Pay Per Click marketing, paid search marketing, or sponsored advertisement) is a valuable way to garner steady traffic from related search results and other websites. Vertical Measures has always worked to bring outstanding results through a combination of search, social and content marketing, and PPC Advertising offers the option to reach customers with a different level of exposure.

Vertical Measures is a Certified Google Partner.

Your business is unlike anyone else’s, and Grand Master Marketings’ approach is to customize the best strategies to help you reach your goals. Our senior level PPC advertising experts can produce, create and maintain successful results for all your campaigns, specific to your industry, target audience, and desired outcomes. We focus on getting you the best, most qualified traffic which provides lower cost per conversion, increases your traffic, and makes you more money.
For PPC Advertising, Grand Master Marketing provides the following services:

Campaign Creation or Re-organization

  • Keyword research and list creation including negative keywords
  • Competitor analysis research and reporting
  • Bid management and optimization
  • Campaign organization
  • Text ad creation of 2-3 ads per ad group
  • Account settings optimization, including geo-targeting, device targeting, ad extensions, and ad scheduling
  • Additional Adgroup creation to fine tune keywords and improve quality scores
  • Ongoing Account Maintenance
  • Keywords – Monitor keywords based on performance and changing business conditions.  Adjust keyword bid prices to improve performance.
  • Ads – monitor performance and create new ads for each ad group.  Perform A-B ad testing.
  • Landing pages – perform A/B testing on landing pages in addition to home page.
  • Competitor research – Run competitive analysis reports on top competitors and adjust campaigns accordingly.
  • Add negative keywords to block wasted ad spend.
  • Status Updates and Performance Reporting
  • Weekly campaign activity reports outlining traffic, spend, conversions, and cost
  • Phone meetings as needed to review account status

Get a Adwords Campaign Audit

Adwords Management

Google AdwordsYour Adwords account will be monitored daily by a dedicated analyst, and we will update you weekly regarding your performance.  Our analysts are senior level, AdWords certified, and have a minimum of 5 years of experience.

AdWords Services

  • Research profitable keywords and negative keyword lists
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Profitable account strategies and campaign structuring
  • Advanced optimization tactics and practices
  • Effective Display Network campaigns
  • Set up remarketing campaigns
  • Optimal geo-targeting, time scheduling, and demographic targeting
  • Improve quality scores
  • Eliminate wasted spending
  • Continuous ROI improvements
  • Write and manage ad copy and split testing
  • Conversion tracking reporting and analysis

Remarketing on AdWords

Remarketing (or retargeting) is an effective way at recapturing users who have visited your website but did not take action. It allows you second-chances at engaging visitors, presenting your offer, and capturing a sale or contact info. A remarketing campaign is effective for businesses who invest in an online traffic strategy. We’ve experienced good results with businesses who:

  • Sell an e-commerce product – Convert an abandoned shopping cart into a sale.
  • Update their website/blog frequently – Get traffic back to your website.
  • Generate leads online – Target visitors who did not take action their first visit.
  • Have specific up sell and resale products/service – Show audience specific ads based on page views.

Bing/Yahoo Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Facebook & Bing AdsWe have years of experience managing Bing and Yahoo advertising campaigns. Bing/Yahoo accounts for about 15% of the search market and can be a valuable asset to your advertising effort. Please contact us for pricing.

Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Although relatively new to the Pay Per Click Market, Facebook is a huge market and has unique demographics to offer.

Additional PPC Management Services

One Time Consultation

Don’t want to sign up for a long term management solution?  Think you can manage your campaigns yourself, but would like a professional review?  We’ll consult with you to give you best practice and recommendation.

Contract and Sub-Contract Work

We can also provide ‘overhauls’ for your problem campaigns. Our work can be done on a fixed bid or hourly rate basis. Let us know what your PPC campaign goals are and how your current campaign(s) are coming up short and we will work with you to find a solution. We will help get your AdWords campaigns performing again.

Landing Page Consulting

Your landing pages are vital to the success of your PPC campaign. With Google they are part of the “three legged stool”….the other legs being keywords and ad copy. We can provide consulting on a flat rate or hourly basis. Please contact us for more information.