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Learn About Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring that your website is properly optimized for search engines is critical to your overall internet marketing strategy and may be restricting your websites performance not only in search rankings, but also bounce rates and conversions. Grand Master Marketing offers a variety of services that specifically focus on effectively incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) tactics into the makeup of your website, leading to higher search engine rankings and therefore higher traffic, lower bounce rates, and increased leads and conversions.

We also understand that ranking in SERPS is only step one, and SEO has to work in conjunction with your business and its products to turn those visits into conversions and sales. For that reason, we offer a range of services to get the most out of your SEO. Get started today!

Onsite SEO Analysis

For many of our clients we highly recommend a comprehensive, holistic, and highly technical onsite SEO analysis of your core web pages. You will walk away with actionable steps that can be taken by all members of your staff, from marketing to IT, copywriters, etc. With search engines constantly updating their algorithms, many best practices have changed from even just a year ago, meaning that many clients come to us with websites that are outdated and severely limiting their rankings.

Our SEO experts will review individual pages of your website, suggesting changes to optimize each page for the most appropriate keyword you wish to target. This includes a review of your title tags, keywords, SEO friendly URLs, anchor text, and header tags along with a look at canonicalization strategy and possible duplicate content problems. In addition to these services, our experienced team can also lead through complicated projects like:

  • Site migration strategies
  • Multiple CMS (content management system) strategies specifically for WordPress, Drupal and many others
  • eCommerce SEO strategy on numerous platforms such as Magento

Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization isn’t all about tweaking page titles and image alt tags. It’s about getting into the nuts and bolts of your business to understand the search terms that your potential customers are using to try and find your business. Also understanding what keywords are driving traffic to your competitors is a pivotal aspect of our keyword research and strategy. As a result, we don’t treat SEO as a vacuum, but a service that requires detailed keyword research and sophisticated content development plans.

Our team can conduct in depth keyword research to find the terms that are currently driving traffic to your site, driving traffic to your competitor sites, and gaps we recommend you fill. With all of this information you can ensure you are ranking for the right terms, bringing in qualified traffic, and increasing your sales.

Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization

At Grand Master Marketing we also understand why you want to rank for keywords, and how this affects your bottom line. As a result we keep a focus not only on ranking reports, but also analytics data, showing the traffic to your website, where it is coming from, and what it does when it gets there.

With this information we can see the sales performance of each page on your site, the conversion rate of traffic from different keywords and the performance of your conversion funnel. We can then improve each of these areas to get your website working as your businesses best salesmen, and get you ranking for the search terms that actually convert into sales, not just those with the highest volume.

Our trained staff are qualified in Google Analytics and can look at your website data to better understand how your visitors interact with your website. We then recommend changes to optimize each page not only for search engine rankings, but also for customer conversions. As our client we don’t just want to see you ranking #1, we want to see you running a successful business outselling your competitors.

To learn more about out how our search engine optimization services and consulting can boost your traffic and conversions,contact us today!