Providing motivated students burdened by debt an entrepreneurial opportunity to prosper Debt-Free!

Student loans are the second-largest source of outstanding consumer debt, after home loans, and they can be incredibly difficult to refinance and nearly impossible to discharge in bankruptcy (Link 1). Students across the country are trapped by their debts and often unable to take advantage of the freedom that a college degree should afford (Link 2). According to a 2011 study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, only 56 percent of students who enter four-year programs graduate within six years. Of those students who did graduate in 2012, 71% took out loans and left school with a record average of $29,400 student debt. The Project on Student Debt/TICAS published a report stating that the class of 2012′s increased debt load came with a side of high joblessness, with a 7.7% unemployment rate for young college graduates in 2012 and an under-employment rate of 18.3% (Link 3).

Romeo Sykes, Founder

In 2014, Romeo Sykes, founder of Grand Master Marketing and a successful businessman, marketing expert, real estate investor and mentor founded the non-profit Graduate With No Debt. Romeo Sykes recruits extraordinary talent while his businesses help give countless people a renewed sense of purpose by putting their best professional skills to work on crucial social causes. He has acquired over a million dollars in South Florida real estate, and has created “The Entrepreneur Clubhouse” (TECs), a training facility for purpose-driven students to collaborate.

Graduate With No debt's mission is to establish a National College Tuition Reimbursement Initiative which will create and unleash a profitable labor force leading the USA to global prosperity.

For students who are looking to go a step further than gaining the real-world experience needed to succeed visit GraduateWithNoDebt to learn how you or someone you know can receive Tuition Reimbursement and Graduate With No Debt.